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Pinterest - A visual search engine.

I was fascinated and intrigued with Pinterests’ search results when I stumbled across the platform 9 years back looking for inspiration for home renovation ideas. What drove me towards the platform was the numerous, highly relevant and hi-res visually appealing images that got me hooked on to the site. I started saving the images I liked and soon started grouping them under category specific boards. Over time I compiled inspirational ideas, or Pins as it is called, of a plethora of categories, ranging from baking, crafts, mini tattoos, living room decor etc. I even renovated my kitchen space by drawing inspiration from a saved pin which is still under my ‘home renovation’ board.

Visual content is getting trendier as ever. Millennial are more likely to shop through visual images. It is even more relevant in today's context, with the behavioural shift which has taken place due pandemic, more and more shoppers are drifting to online marketplace. It poses an immense opportunity to draw their attention and impress them with ideas that inspire.

What sets this platform different from other social media platforms is that it is more comparable to any search engine platform except that it is a visual. From just pinning posts to personal boards, the platform has evolved over the years and exhibits a strong potential for brands, publishers and creators on Pinterest to connect with the engaged users on its platform. Every Pin on Pinterest is an idea that links back to the website it came from.

Imagine seeing images of many ways to turn your living room corner into a cosy home office space or ideas on how to perfectly tee up a ladies waistcoat with long sleeved satin shirt and linking the post to your online store. Idea sold.

Users on Pinterest platform are not searching for products but searching for inspiration …

A little bit about Pins:

There are two types of pins - Organic Pins, which are original content that a brand or person creates. and Shared Pins are created by pinning content discovered from all over the web. When someone saves your idea, it spreads to more people through search results, feeds and recommendations. That’s how you get discovered on Pinterest – and that’s why a single Pin can drive tons of brand awareness, engagement and referral traffic.

The Pins could be a standard post, Video, Shopping or App Install related and related pins are grouped together which is called ‘Boards’.

If you are a business owner, Pinterest Business account will help you build new audiences, increase awareness, drive traffic and deepen engagement. Claiming your domain on Ads manager will give you access to analytics on all Pins saved from your account, and let people know where they can see more of you.

Pinterest Ads manager allows you to select from various campaign objectives such as Brand Awareness, Video Views, Conversion and Consideration (Traffic). The Pinterest tag on your website helps you understand what people do on your site after seeing your ad. (This feature although is restricted to a few geographies in APAC)

If you are familiar with digital advertising all these will make sense to you and you will find it similar to any self serve ad platform.

I am keen to hear your thoughts and experiences on Pinterest advertising so do drop me a note below!


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